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Marcela Brugnach . Ambika Markanday . Noelia Zafra Calvo . Itxaso Ruiz . Lisa Kranz . Violeta Cabello . Elham Bakhshianlamouki . Sacha Poultier . Bosco Lliso . Ana Carolina Tarapuez Quiroz . Paula Zuluaga Guerra . Jorge Meza Paggi

ColLab aspires to cultivate an extending community of diversely engaged collaborators, from scientists to farmers to artists to writers to anybody who is interested in ColLab's endeavors and mission. ColLab is founded by Marcela Brugnach and functions under BC3, Basque Centre for Climate Change, and has a wide ranging scope of initiations open to the public. Above you can see the names and contact information of current ColLab members. Please do not hesitate in reaching out to us concerning your participation in one or more ColLab project (contact information below).

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